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Contact Info

Email: itsupport@glades-schools.org

Phone Numbers

District Office Support- 863-455-4889

West Glades Support- 863-236-9029

Moore Haven Middle High Support- 863-532-2010/863-354-0315

Moore Haven Elementary Support- 863-336-1138

Submitting a Help Desk Ticket


Accessing Firstclass through a web browser

This video tutorial will help you access firstclass through the Portal from any computer


Forget a WIFI network on Windows 10

If you're having trouble connecting to a WIFI network that used to work you should try the steps in this tutorial to get it working again.


Signing in to your Gmail account

This video tutorial will go through the steps to get you signed into your Glades County Gmail account for the first time.


Signing in to McGraw Hill Connect ED

This video tutorial will go through the steps to get you signed into your McGraw Hill Connect ED account.


Google Meet Tutorial


Logging a student into a chromebook tutorial


Configuring firstclass on home PC tutorial


Logging a student onto a windows or apple device with the web browser tutorial